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Training Programs

As a premier academic medical center, CCNE is dedicated to supporting new nurses who are entering practice as well as experienced nurses who are changing specialty areas. CCNE is developing 60 different educational nursing training programs, which help the aspirants to gain knowledge in the divergent areas of nursing. Each program is designed by eminent Professors, Researchers and Experts in the different filed of nursing science and research.

A variety of teaching methods are used to enhance the learning experience including didactic instruction, group discussions, skills laboratories, simulation, precepted clinical experiences, competency-based orientation and online learning.  

CCNE have total 60 Basic and Advanced Training Programmes which falls under categories:

  1. Emergency and Critical Care Nursing for PGCC
  2. Core courses in Critical Care Nursing
  3. Advanced Critical Care Nursing
  4. Emergencies and Critical Care and their Management
  5. Nursing Skills
  6. NCLEX and other Programmes
  7. Critical care Nursing-Alterations
  8. Life Support Training Programs
  9. Specialty Courses

You can associate with us as a Course Mentor:

Benefits for Course Mentor:

  • 10% Royalty for 1 Program
  • Biography and Photo to be displayed in each Program
  • Free access to program designed
  • Free Certificate

For more info contact:

Rekha Rani (Project Manager)
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+91) 120 4781216


CCNE Offerings


A Bouquet of 17 Nursing Journals  under CCNE banner acts as a power house of Nursing research repository, large number of academic experts , industry campaigns and key decision makers bring uniqueness to these journals covering various aspects of General and specialized of Nursing etc.


CCNE publishes Nursing subject related books under its imprint , these books could be under any subject of nursing and are based on self publication model. CCNE  team helps new authors to understand the requirement's and easily convert their knowledge into revenue source and skill repository for readers. 


CCNE conducts several Conferences and Seminars both Physical and Online modes, STM Conferences is online platform which is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and experience of academic education worldwide as one of the leading educational conferences platform for conducting CCNE Conferences.


CCNE membership provides a unique opportunity for an individuals, Professional, Institutions and organizations associated with nursing domain to engage and drive thought leadership in activities, forums, and collaborative research groups. CCNE members address current challenges, build strategies for the future and share best practices, with the overall objective of building a growth-led competitive and sustainable advancements.