Nursing Books

CCNE contains various nursing books under NOLEGEIN. All books incorporate in-depth and current knowledge of all areas of nursing science. These books will give nursing students a far better understanding and knowledge from critical care to professional development

Unreserved Books (You can associate with us as Authors/Editors for below mentioned Books)

  1. Leadership Roles & Management Functions in Nursing
  2. Nursing Care Plan for Nervous System Disorders
  3. Recent Advances in Medical Surgical Nursing
  4. Behavioral and Preventive Pediatrics
  5. Textbook of Mental Health Nursing

  6. Medical Physiology
  7. Textbook for Midwives
  8. Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures
  9. Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  10. Anatomy & Physiology: Structure & Function of Human Body
  11. Nursing Monitoring and Management of labour stages

  12. Recent Advances in Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing
  13. Nursing Care and Management during Pregnancy
  14. Nursing Practice for Genito Urinary disorders
  15. Nursing Care of the Integumentary System
  16. Roles and Responsibilities of Nurses in School Health

  17. Nurses Care Plan for Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders
  18. Nursing treatment and Management of Psychological Disorders
  19. Knowledge of Medical Conditions due to Psychological Factors for Nurses
  20. Personality Disorders: Knowledge for Nurses
  21. Nursing Management of Mothers during puerperium

  22. Role of Nursing during Psychiatric Emergencies (need editor only)
  23. Nursing Education and Management (need editor only)
  24. Nursing for Communicable diseases and STI’s (for chapters only)
  25. Emergency & Trauma Nursing (for chapters only)
  26. Neonatal Nursing (need coauthor)

Authors Benefits

  • Royalty for Editors and Authors
  • Separate Biography page with photograph
  • Free Sample Copy
  • Free Certificate

If you are interested kindly send us your CV and Title of book then we will send you further details.

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