Nursing Books

JournalsPub has 100+ International Journals to help the scientific community to enhance communication within the research communities and maintain a balance between the existing and emerging interdisciplinary technologies. Now, we have come up with our New Project of E- books and Printed books related to Sciences, Medical & Engineering under NOLEGEIN.

  1. Advance Nursing Practice
  2. Child health Nursing
  3. Community Health Nursing
  4. Medical Surgical Nursing
  5. Mental Health Nursing
  6. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nursing

Unreserved Books (Contribute as Authors/Editors in below mentioned Books)

  1. Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures
  2. Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-R
  3. Orthodontics: Current Principles and Techniques
  4. Handbook of Obstetric Medicine
  5. Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management
  6. Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  7. Manual of Neonatal Surgical Intensive Care
  8. Learning Cardiac Auscultation
  9. Structure & Function of Human Body
  10. Anatomy & Physiology,
  11. Textbook for Midwives (for Contribution of Chapters)
  12. Nursing Research
  13. Leadership Roles & Management Functions in Nursing
  14. Care of Nurses for Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (for Contribution of Chapters)
  15.  Management of Global Health by Nurses (for Contribution of Chapters)
  16.  Nursing Education and Management (for Contribution of Chapters)

Authors Benefits

  • 10% Royalty for Single author book
  • 3.5% Royalty for Editors on single Book
  • Separate Biography page and Photograph in Book
  • Free Sample Copy of Book to Authors and Editors
  • Free Certificate of Author/Editor

Procedure for Book Publication

Step 1: Select Title of book

Step 2: Send us your CV, Contact No.and title of book

Step 3: We Will mail you tentative table of Content, Author Guidelines and Chapter Format

Step 4: Send us modified table of Content with tentative date of Submission of Chapter or Full book

Step 5: Send us First Chapter and Suggest Reviewer (For Full book only)

Step 6: We will send you Authors/Editors Agreement ((For Full book only)

Concerned Person Contact Details:

Rekha Mahey (Project Manager)

Tel: (+91) 120 4781234