Emergency and Critical Care Nursing for PGCC

It has been surveyed that many nurses don’t have complete knowledge and are not properly skilled while treating a patient in emergency department. The critical care nurse requires a specialist knowledge and skill base to effectively manage patients in the critical care environment. This course focuses on enabling participant to develop proficiency in the management of patients admitted to critical care units within the health care sector. The Nursing Program prepares nurses to provide direct client care in a safe, effective manner across multiple settings. The registered nurse (RN) is prepared to manage the care of clients in any setting to achieve an optimal state of health. The RN uses the nursing process to assess and analyze the health needs and/or problems of clients, plan and implement appropriate actions based upon nursing diagnosis or identified client needs and evaluate the extent to which expected outcomes are achieved.

Participants will be provided study material and Practical Knowledge/Hands on training through-out the course. This one-year program contains 12 modules and each module consist 2-5 chapters with deep and vast knowledge of a particular topic. Each participant must finish one module in a month and in the end of module there will a test to judge the knowledge of the candidate. Participant have to submit assignments also on various topics while pursuing this program.

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