About Us

The Centre for Continuing Nursing Excellence goal is to cultivate advanced nursing professionals with knowledge and skills in managing specific health care issues and improving clinical practices. This Centre aims to contribute in the process of nation building by training and bringing out efficient and competent health care professionals. Nursing Excellence provide an outstanding academic medium for students, researchers and scientists to share their knowledge and skills and disseminate their knowledge and research worldwide through this platform. Our nursing products includes National & International Journals, Books, Conferences, Training Programs, Databases, Video Journals that would help Nursing stakeholders to perform self-directed learning and continually aspire to improve individual professional skills.


Provide an innovative and academically challenging experience in order to meet the technological revolution globally.


To generate high quality human & knowledge resources in our core areas of Nursing competence and in emerging areas to make valuable contribution in the field of education for the development of the nation. So, come and get connected with us today to transform tomorrow to build dynamic future. It’s not just our mission, it’s our wish for every individual on this platform.


To undertake research and review focused content that educates, informs and inspires lifelong learning and advance knowledge.

Our Products:

  • Nursing Journals (International and National)
  • Nursing Books covering various areas
  • Nursing Training Programmes
  • Nursing Conferences